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    The launch of Seismica: a seismic shift in publishing
    (Seismica, 2022-11-16) Rowe, Christie ; Agius, Matthew ; Convers, Jaime ; Funning, Gareth ; Galasso, Carmine ; Hicks, Stephen ; Huynh, Tran ; Lange, Jessica ; Lecocq, Thomas ; Mark, Hannah ; Okuwaki, Ryo ; Ragon, Théa ; Rychert, Catherine ; Teplitzky, Samantha ; van den Ende, Martijn
    Seismica, a community-run Diamond Open Access (OA) journal for seismology and earthquake science, opened for submissions in July 2022. We created Seismica to support a shift to OA publishing while pushing back against the extreme rise in the cost of OA author processing charges, and the inequities this is compounding. Seismica is run by an all-volunteer Board of 47 researchers who fulfil traditional editorial roles as well as forming functional teams to address the needs for technical design and support, copy editing, media and branding that would otherwise be covered by paid staff at a for-profit journal. We are supported by the McGill University Library (Québec, Canada), who host our website and provide several other services, so that Seismica does not have any income or financial expenditures. We report the process of developing the journal and explain how and why we made some of the major policy choices. We describe the organizational structure of the journal, and discuss future plans and challenges for the continued success and longevity of Seismica.