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    Rupture evolution of the 2006 Java tsunami earthquake and the possible role of splay faults
    ( 2017-09-25) Fan, Wenyuan ; Bassett, Dan ; Jiang, Junie ; Shearer, Peter M. ; Ji, Chen
    The 2006 Mw 7.8 Java earthquake was a tsunami earthquake, exhibiting frequency-dependent seismic radiation along strike. High-frequency global back-projection results suggest two distinct rupture stages. The first stage lasted ~65 s with a rupture speed of ~1.2 km/s, while the second stage lasted from ~65 to 150 s with a rupture speed of ~2.7 km/s. High-frequency radiators resolved with back-projection during the second stage spatially correlate with splay fault traces mapped from residual free-air gravity anomalies. These splay faults also colocate with a major tsunami source associated with the earthquake inferred from tsunami first-crest back-propagation simulation. These correlations suggest that the splay faults may have been reactivated during the Java earthquake, as has been proposed for other tsunamigenic earthquakes, such as the 1944 Mw 8.1 Tonankai earthquake in the Nankai Trough.