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    Quantification of collagen organization in histopathology samples using liquid crystal based polarization microscopy
    (The Optical Society, 2017-08-29) Keikhosravi, Adib ; Liu, Yuming ; Drifka, Cole ; Woo, Kaitlin M. ; Verma, Amitabh ; Oldenbourg, Rudolf ; Eliceiri, Kevin
    A number of histopathology studies have utilized the label free microscopy method of Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) to investigate collagen organization in disease onset and progression. Here we explored an alternative label free imaging approach, LC-PolScope that is based on liquid crystal based polarized light imaging. We demonstrated that this more accessible technology has the ability to visualize all fibers of interest and has a good to excellent correlation between SHG and LC-PolScope measurements in fibrillar collagen orientation and alignment. This study supports that LC-PolScope is a viable alternative to SHG for label free collagen organization measurements in thin histology sections.