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    Historical influence of soil and water management on sediment and carbon budgets in the United States
    (Elsevier B.V., 2011-03-26) Sundquist, Eric T. ; Ackerman, Katherine V. ; Stallard, Robert F. ; Bliss, Norman B.
    The documented history of US soil and water management provides a unique opportunity to examine soil and sediment C storage under conditions of changing management practices. Historical acceleration of erosion due to cultivation has been moderated by improved soil management. Increased construction of dams and locks has expanded areas of aquatic sedimentation in reservoirs and ponds. Enhanced historical sediment deposition rates have been documented in lakes and estuaries. All of these changes have an impact on terrestrial C storage and turnover. The present-day C budget associated with erosion and burial cannot be determined without quantifying the time-dependent changes due to past and present soil and water management.