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  • Technical Report
    Project LOBSTAQ : investigations on lobster (Homarus americanus) aquaculture, ecology and tertiary sewage treatment in controlled environmental systems
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1976-04) Ryther, John H. ; Levine, Joseph S. ; Mencher, Frederick M. ; O'Neill, David J. ; Plasman, Barbara ; Star, Jeffrey ; Thielker, Jeffrey L. ; Irving, Karen ; Redmann, Greg
    Research was based on different aspects of incorporating Homarus Americanus cultural into the multi-trophic level marine aquaculture-wastewater treatment system of the Environmental Systems laboratory at Woods Hole. Experiments were directed .toward optimizing food sources available within the system, developing designs to facilitate high density lobster growth, and elucidating the ecology of Homarus. The aquaculture-wastewater treatment system uses secondary sewage effluent or its equivalent as a nutrient source for marine phytoplankton ponds which in turn are fed into raceways containing racks of bivalves. The bivalves produce soluble nutrients used to raise macroalgae, and solid material (biodeposits) used to raise various deposit feeders. Almost all the N and over 50% of the P is removed from the wastewater by the artificial food chain.