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Editorial: Canopies in aquatic ecosystems: integrating form, function, and biophysical processes

2019-11-15 , Samson, Julia E. , Ghisalberti, Marco , Adams, Matthew Philip , Reidenbach, Matthew A. , Long, Matthew H. , Shavit, Uri , Pasour, Virginia B.

This Research Topic presents new research investigating the coupling between physical (fluid dynamics, mass transport, and light availability) and biological (nutrient cycling, particle transport, ecosystem structure, and biodiversity) processes in aquatic canopies. The starting point for this topic was the observation that our notion of “canopy” in the aquatic sciences, in contrast to that of our terrestrially-focused colleagues, remains underdeveloped. Forest canopy studies have been considered a new field of science (Nadkarni et al., 2011) and the concept of forest canopy research is clearly documented in the literature (Barker and Pinard, 2001; Nadkarni, 2001; Lowman, 2009); we have not found similar mentions of the canopy concept in aquatic studies. Over the past decade, however, there has been an increase in the number of studies on underwater canopies, as well as a shift toward more multidisciplinary studies that consider more than just the physical impacts of the canopy's presence (Ackerman, 2007; Nepf et al., 2007; O'Brien et al., 2014).