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    Cytochrome P4501A biomarker indication of the timeline of chronic exposure of Barrow’s goldeneyes to residual Exxon Valdez oil
    ( 2010-11) Esler, Daniel ; Ballachey, Brenda E. ; Trust, Kimberly A. ; Iverson, Samuel A. ; Reed, John A. ; Miles, A. Keith ; Henderson, John D. ; Woodin, Bruce R. ; Stegeman, John J. ; McAdie, Malcolm ; Mulcahy, Daniel M. ; Wilson, Barry W.
    We examined hepatic EROD activity, as an indicator of CYP1A induction, in Barrow's goldeneyes captured in areas oiled during the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill and those from nearby unoiled areas. We found that average EROD activity differed between areas during 2005, although the magnitude of the difference was reduced relative to a previous study from 1996/97, and we found that areas did not differ by 2009. Similarly, we found that the proportion of individuals captured from oiled areas with elevated EROD activity ( 2 times unoiled average) declined from 41% in winter 1996/97 to 10% in 2005 and 15% in 2009. This work adds to a body of literature describing the timelines over which vertebrates were exposed to residual Exxon Valdez oil and indicates that, for Barrow's goldeneyes in Prince William Sound, exposure persisted for many years with evidence of substantially reduced exposure by 2 decades after the spill.