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  • Working Paper
    High Frequency Radar Wind Turbine Interference Community Working Group Report
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2019-06) Kirincich, Anthony R. ; Cahl, Douglas ; Emery, Brian ; Kosro, Mike ; Roarty, Hugh ; Trockel, Dale ; Washburn, Libe ; Whelan, Chad
    Land-based High Frequency (HF) Radars provide critically important observations of the coastal ocean that will be adversely affected by the spinning blades of utility-scale wind turbines. Pathways to mitigate the interference of turbines on HF radar observations exist for small number of turbines; however, a greatly increased pace of research is required to understand how to minimize the complex interference patterns that will be caused by the large arrays of turbines planned for the U.S. outer continental shelf. To support the U.S.’s operational and scientific needs, HF radars must be able to collect high-quality measurements of the ocean’s surface inand around areas with significant numbers of wind turbines. This is a solvable problem, but given the rapid pace of wind energy development, immediate action is needed to ensure that HF radar wind turbine interference mitigation efforts keep pace with the planned build out of turbines.