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  • Technical Report
    Ceratoscopelus maderensis : pecular sound-scattering layer identified with this myctophid fish
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1968-10) Backus, Richard H. ; Craddock, James E. ; Haedrich, Richard L. ; Shores, D. L. ; Teal, John M. ; Wing, A. S. ; Mead, Giles W. ; Clarke, William D.
    A sound- scattering layer, composed of discrete hyperbolic echo-sequences and apparently restricted to the Slope Water region of the western North Atlantic, has been identified from the Deep Submergence Research Vehicle ALVIN with schools of the myctophid fish Ceratoscopelus maderensis. By diving into the layer and using ALVIN's echo-ranging sonar, we approached and visually identified the sound scatterers. The number of echo sequences observed with the surface echo-sounder (1 /23. 76 x 105 cubic meters of water) checked roughly with the number of sonar targets observed from the submarine (1/7. 45 x 105 cubic meters) . The fish schools appeared to be 5 to 10 meters thick, 10 to 100 meters in diameter, and on centers 100 to 200 meters apart. Density within schools was estimated at 10 to 15 fish per cubic meter.