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    Real-time joint ocean acoustics and circulation modeling in the 2021 New England Shelf Break Acoustics experiment (L)
    (Acoustical Society of America, 2022-11-10) DeCourcy, Brendan J. ; Lin, Ying-Tsong ; Zhang, Weifeng Gordon ; Ozanich, Emma Reeves ; Kukshtel, Natalie ; Siderius, Martin ; Gawarkiewicz, Glen ; Forsyth, Jacob
    During the spring of 2021, a coordinated multi-vessel effort was organized to study physical oceanography, marine geology and biology, and acoustics on the northeast United States continental shelf, as part of the New England Shelf Break Acoustics (NESBA) experiment. One scientific goal was to establish a real-time numerical model aboard the research vessel with high spatial and temporal resolution to predict the oceanography and sound propagation within the NESBA study area. The real-time forecast model performance and challenges are reported in this letter without adjustment or re-simulation after the cruise. Future research directions for post-experiment studies are also suggested.