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    Geoacoustic inversion using simple hand-deployable acoustic systems
    (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2022-11-22) Bonnel, Julien ; McNeese, Andrew R. ; Wilson, Preston S. ; Dosso, Stan E.
    This article proposes the use of a simple, low-cost, hand-deployable pair of experimental assets to conduct geoacoustic inversion at sea. The system consists of an expendable, fully mechanical acoustic source called a rupture induced underwater sound source (RIUSS) and a new ropeless passive acoustic mooring called a TOSSIT (not an acronym). Used together, RIUSS and TOSSIT enable the collection of acoustic data suitable to perform single-hydrophone geoacoustic inversion. The method is illustrated using data collected on the New England Mud Patch in May 2021 from a relatively small (22 m) and inexpensive chartered fishing vessel. Modal time-frequency dispersion from 15 to 385 Hz is extracted from the TOSSIT/RIUSS data using warping, and used as input for Bayesian transdimensional geoacoustic inversion. The inversion results compare favorably to results obtained with data collected on the same track with traditional assets (e.g., a vertical line array) during the 2017 Seabed Characterization Experiment, even when jointly inverting for the water-column sound speed profile and seabed geoacoustic parameters. This further demonstrates inversion repeatability in a given location using data sets collected years apart, and under different (and potentially unknown) oceanographic conditions.