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  • Technical Report
    Benthic fauna of the Gulf of Maine sampled by R/V Gosnold Cruise 179 and DSRV Alvin Dives 329, 330, 331, and 404 : infaunal species list
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1975-07) Rowe, Gilbert T. ; Polloni, Pamela T. ; Haedrich, Richard L.
    Bottom samples were collected in the Gulf of Maine during July, 1971 and June, 1972 using DSRV ALVIN and RV GOSNOLD. The techniques and results are embodied in a paper entitled "Quantitative Biological Assessment of the Benthic Fauna in the Deep Basins of the Gulf of Maine" by G. T. Rowe, P. T. Polloni and R. L. Haedrich. Many of the conclusions made in that paper were based on summaries of the abundance of each benthic species of living invertebrate animal in each kind of sample, but those original data would not be accepted by the journal (JOURNAL OF THE FISHERIES RESEARCH BOARD OF CANADA) because the table was too long. The purpose of this technical report is to put those raw data in a form available(on request from the authors)to any interested ecologists.