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  • Working Paper
    Synthesis and Intercomparison of Ocean Carbon Uptake in CMIP6 Models workshop report, December 8-9, 2018 Washington, DC
    ( 2019-04) Dunne, John P. ; Romanou, Anastasia ; McKinley, Galen A. ; Long, Matthew C. ; Doney, Scott C.
    From the Introduction: This workshop served as an important opportunity to improve communication between ocean carbon cycle scientists, both across sub-disciplines centering on observations, theory, models, and synthesis, and across career levels from graduate student to senior scientist. Participants shared questions, knowledge, and perceived challenges on the weaknesses of CMIP5 and CMIP6 models, potential observational constraints, and emerging theory. The workshop provided many opportunities for the development of collaborative project ideas through oral, poster, and moderated group discussion sessions, with a major emphasis on the upcoming December 2019 manuscript submission deadline to contribute to the IPCC Sixth Assessment. Participants also provided feedback to modeling centers on novel ways to push this community and the models forward, thinking beyond the currently planned suite of CMIP6 modeling activities.