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    Announcing the Minderoo – Monaco Commission on plastics and human health
    (Ubiquity Press, 2022-08-25) Landrigan, Philip J. ; Raps, Hervé ; Symeonides, Christos ; Chiles, Thomas ; Cropper, Maureen ; Enck, Judith ; Hahn, Mark E. ; Hixson, Richard ; Kumar, Pushpam ; Mustapha, Adetoun ; Park, Yongjoon ; Spring, Margaret ; Stegeman, John J. ; Thompson, Richard C. ; Wang, Zhanyun ; Wolff, Megan ; Yousuf, Aroub ; Dunlop, Sarah
    Plastic is the signature material of our age. In the 75 years since large-scale production began in the aftermath of World War II, plastic has transformed our world, supported many of the most significant advances of modern civilization, and enabled breakthroughs in virtually every field of human endeavor. But plastic also poses great and growing dangers to human health and the environment, harms that fall disproportionately on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations. The extent and magnitude of these dangers are only beginning to be understood.