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    Overview of results from the Asian Seas International Acoustics Experiment in the East China Sea
    (IEEE, 2004-10) Dahl, Peter H. ; Zhang, Renhe ; Miller, James H. ; Bartek, Louis R. ; Peng, Zhauhui ; Ramp, Steven R. ; Zhou, Ji-Xun ; Chiu, Ching-Sang ; Lynch, James F. ; Simmen, Jeffrey A. ; Spindel, Robert C.
    The Asian Seas International Acoustics Experiment (ASIAEX) included two major field programs, one in the South China Sea and the other in the East China Sea (ECS). This paper presents an overview of research results from ASIAEX ECS conducted between May 28 and June 9, 2001. The primary emphasis of the field program was shallow-water acoustic propagation, focused on boundary interaction and geoacoustic inversion. The study area's central point was located at 29/spl deg/ 40.67'N, 126/spl deg/ 49.39'E, which is situated 500 km east of the Chinese coastline off Shanghai. The acoustic and supporting environmental measurements are summarized, along with research results to date, and references to papers addressing specific issues in more detail are given.