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    Performance of the parametric receiving array : effects of misalignment
    (Acoustical Society of America, 1987-11) Foote, Kenneth G. ; Tjøtta, Jacqueline Naze ; Tjøtta, Sigve
    The difference frequency sound field from two concentric but misaligned, axisymmetric, planar transducers in a nondissipative and nondispersive medium is developed as a special case of the general theory [Garrett et al., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 75, 769–779 (1984)]. Effects of misalignment of pump, source, and hydrophone on the performance of the parametric receiving array are quantified in numerical examples. These include the effect of interaction in the nearfields of both pump and source transducers. The results show that the best performance is obtained for good alignment, high pump frequency, and placement of the hydrophone within or not far from the source nearfield.