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  • Working Paper
    An oceanographic study of the eastern Mediterranean : a joint Egyptian-U.S.A. research program, sediment sampling operations, Chain cruise 119, leg 2, cruise report
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1975) Summerhayes, Colin P.
    The sampling program was arranged so that periods of close spaced, intensive sampling on the continental shelf were interspersed with periods of widely-space piston coring in the deep sea, to ensure the proper rest for both scientists and ships' crew. In addition, in order to familiarise both the Egyptian scientists and guest investigators with all of the shipboard operation (for example echo-sounding, data logging, piston coring, dredging, grab and underway sampling, water sampling, an so on), individuals were assigned to different operations under the guidance of Al Driscoll or Bob McGirr or Ed Boyle, on a roatational basis throughout the cruise.