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  • Technical Report
    Structure of the western Somali Basin
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1967-07) Bunce, Elizabeth T. ; Langseth, Marcus G. ; Chase, R. L. ; Ewing, W. Maurice
    The western Somali Basin in the northwestern Indian Ocean is covered by thick deposits of terrigenous sediments. Seismic reflection profiles show, however, the northern and southern parts to be very different. The northern sections is a deep basin filled with thick uniformly stratified sediments. It is enclosed by the continental margin to the west and north, Chain ridge to the east, and shallow basement structure to the south. A change in depth of basement occurs along an approximately east-west line at latitude 3°30'N very near the southern end of Chain ridge. In the southern portion of the basin the basement is shallow, and, immediately south of latitude 3°30'N, it has high relief. Stratified flat-lying sediments fill the basement depressions, and isolated hills formed of basement material rise above the abyssal plain deposits. Farther to the south the abyssal plain becomes very narrow. Gabbro dredged from the southeast slope of Chain ridge has been dated by the potassium-argon method as 89.6 ± 4.5 m.y., which should be considered a minimum age. The evidence suggests that the entire sediment sequence of the northern basin was deposited subsequent to the formation of the ridge. The thin sediment cover of the southern portion of the basin is probably no older than Tertiary.
  • Technical Report
    Narrative of CHAIN cruise #36 : Woods Hole to the Outer Ridge north of Puerto Rico and the Barracuda Fault east of the Lesser Antilles, and back, 4 June - 10 July, 1963
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1964-06) Bunce, Elizabeth T.
    This narrative report of CHAIN Cruise 36 includes the chief scientist's journal, a summary track chart, and a log of stations occupied. The cruise was made in two parts : the first, to the Outer Ridge north of Puerto Rico for seismic reflection and refraction work with ATLANTIS II, and the second from the Outer Ridge to the area of the Barracuda Fault east of the Lesser Antilles for bathymetric and gravity surveys and a detailed geophysical study of the area between 16° and 17 °N and 57 ° and 59 °W. The scientific program included echo sounding, continuous seismic reflection profiling, seismic refraction profiles , gravity measurements, dredging, bottom photography, and heat flow measurements.
  • Working Paper
    Cruise plans for R/V Chain cruise #43 : Indian Ocean expedition
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1964-01) Bunce, Elizabeth T.
    The proposed cruise of R/V CHAIN to the Indian Ocean will take place from February to June 1964. Following the Indian Ocean section of the cruise, R/V CHAIN will proceed to the Mediterranean Sea and will do further work in this area. The latter program will be covered in a separate cruise plan. The background and objectives of the scientific program in the Indian Ocean are detailed in the research proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation, found in Appendix A.
  • Technical Report
    Narrative of Chain cruise #43 : February - August 1964
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1965-02) Knott, Sydney T. ; Bunce, Elizabeth T. ; Bowin, Carl O. ; Hersey, J. B. ; Chase, R. L.
    On CHAIN Cruise 43, 15 February to 21 August 1964, geophysical and geological observations were made in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and the Western part of the Indian Ocean, along the track Woods Hole - Ceuta (Spanish Africa) - La Spezia - Port Said - Aden - Victoria (Seychelles Islands) - Port Louis (Mauritius) - Victoria (Seychelles Islands) - Port Said - Beirut - La Spezia - Monaco - Plymouth (England) - Woods Hole. This report contains (1) a narrative of the cruise, (2) a list of stations, (3) statements of the scientific objectives of the cruise, (4) a summary of the geological and geophysical observations, (5) end-of-cruise reports on equipment and some phases of the research program, and (6) a selection of bottom photographs. WHOI Ref. No. 64-51 contains a detailed navigational plot of the entire cruise, including soundings and the locations of other observations.
  • Technical Report
    Narrative of Chain cruise #17, phase I : St. George, Bermuda, to Freetown, Sierra Leone, 19 February - 22 March 1961
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1964-06) Voorhis, Arthur D. ; Bunce, Elizabeth T.
    The journal of a cruise of R/V CHAIN from Bermuda to Freetown, Sierra Leone during February and March, 1961, is the basis of this report. Location of observations are given. The portion of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge lying along the equator was surveyed from 10° to 19°W, and new information concerning the slope and orientation of rift zones was obtained. A detailed bathymetric survey of the Romanche Trench was made. A continuous temperature-depth profile, from the surface to 100 meters, was made along the ship 's track with a thermistor chain. Surface shear was measured with pitotmeters mounted on the chain (surface water velocity relative to the water velocity at the depth of the pitotmeter), to determine the strength and direction of the equatorial undercurrent.