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  • Dataset
    Pathways to the Denmark Strait Overflow: A Lagrangian Study in the Iceland Sea
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2019-09) de Jong, Marieke Femke ; Bower, Amy S. ; Søiland, Henrik ; Furey, Heather H. ; Ramsey, Andree L.
    The goal of this project was to directly measure the dense water pathways upstream of the Denmark Strait in the Iceland Sea and compare the results to existing ideas about the dynamics of the circulation by deploying 45 acoustically tracked RAFOS floats over a two year time period (24-Jul-2013 to 29-May-2015). The floats were ballasted to drift at a target depth of 500m, recording pressure, temperature, and Times Of Arrivals (TOAs) every six hours or every 12 hours.
  • Dataset
    Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program (OSNAP) moored current meter, temperature, conductivity, salinity, and pressure data collected on subsurface moorings M1, M2, M3, and M4 between June 2018 and August 2020
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2023-06-07) Bower, Amy S. ; Straneo, Fiamma ; Furey, Heather H. ; Biló, Tiago C. ; Bahr, Frank B.
    As part of the Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program (OSNAP), four mooring arrays were deployed in the Greenland Deep Western Boundary Current (GDWBC) located off the east coast of Greenland, in the Irminger Sea. The array consisted of four subsurface moorings M1, M2, M3, and M4, containing 30 MicroCATs and 18 Aquadopp Current Meters, and deployed between June 2018 and August 2020. The data sets are timeseries of temperature, conductivity, pressure, and salinity recorded at 15-minute intervals and current meter data collected at 30-minute intervals. The depths of the moorings were 2086 meters, 2436 meters, 2557 meters, and 2984 meters respectively. The data have been fully processed, calibrated, and quality controlled.
  • Dataset
    Bight Fracture Zone Experiment Moored Instrument Data
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2024-03-25) Furey, Heather H. ; Ramsey, Andree L. ; Bower, Amy S.
    Two 2-year moorings were placed in the Bight Fracture Zone (BFZ), one in the north channel and one in the south channel, between July 2015 to July 2017. Each mooring was instrumented at four depths with a pair of instruments comprised of an SBE MicroCAT and a Nobska MAVS-4 Acoustic Current Meter. The four pairs of instruments were placed at 1500, 1750, 2000 meters depth and 22 meters above the bottom of the channel (2440 meters depth in the north channel and 2115 meters depth in the south channel). The initial processing for both the MicroCAT and MAVS-4 consisted of removing data collected while out of water, replacing data outliers with NaNs, and correcting drifts in the data. In addition, the MAVS-4 data were transformed from instrument coordinates to earth coordinates and magnetic declination was correction was applied.
  • Dataset
    Greenland Deep Western Boundary Current (GDWBC) Mooring Data 2020-2022
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2024-05-01) Houk, Adam ; Bower, Amy S.
    The Greenland Deep Western Boundary Current (GDWBC) mooring array is part of the Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Project (OSNAP). The mooring array consists of four moorings instrumented with SeaBird 37 MicroCATs and Nortek Aquadopp Current Meters with the goal of 1) better defining the range of DWBC transport variability up to interannual time scales from continuous multi-year time series of velocity, temperature, and salinity, 2) identifying the causes of DWBC transport and water mass variability on multiple time scales, including connections to the dense overflows upstream, and 3) assessing DWBC continuity and connectivity around Cape Farewell and to the western boundary of the Subpolar North Atlantic. These moorings were deployed August 2020 to July 2022.