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    Latitudinal and temporal variation in injury and its impacts in the invasive Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus
    (Nature Research, 2022-10-03) Griffen, Blaine D ; Alder, Jill ; Anderson, Lars ; Asay, Emily Gail ; Blakeslee, April ; Bolander, Mikayla ; Cabrera, Doreen ; Carver, Jade ; Crane, Laura C ; DiNuzzo, Eleanor R ; Fletcher, Laura S ; Luckett, Johanna ; Meidell, Morgan ; Pinkston, Emily ; Reese, Tanner C ; Repetto, Michele F ; Smith, Nanette ; Stancil, Carter ; Tepolt, Carolyn K ; Toscano, Benjamin J ; Vernier, Ashley
    Nonlethal injury is a pervasive stress on individual animals that can affect large portions of a population at any given time. Yet most studies examine snapshots of injury at a single place and time, making the implicit assumption that the impacts of nonlethal injury are constant. We sampled Asian shore crabsHemigrapsus sanguineusthroughout their invasive North American range and from the spring through fall of 2020. We then documented the prevalence of limb loss over this space and time. We further examined the impacts of limb loss and limb regeneration on food consumption, growth, reproduction, and energy storage. We show that injury differed substantially across sites and was most common towards the southern part of their invaded range on the East Coast of North America. Injury also varied idiosyncratically across sites and through time. It also had strong impacts on individuals via reduced growth and reproduction, despite increased food consumption in injured crabs. Given the high prevalence of nonlethal injury in this species, these negative impacts of injury on individual animals likely scale up to influence population level processes (e.g., population growth), and may be one factor acting against the widespread success of this invader.