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  • Preprint
    A resurgence in field research is essential to better understand the diversity, ecology, and evolution of microbial eukaryotes
    ( 2013-10) Heger, Thierry J. ; Edgcomb, Virginia P. ; Kim, Eunsoo ; Lukes, Julius ; Leander, Brian S. ; Yubuki, Naoji
    The discovery and characterization of protist communities from diverse environments are crucial for understanding the overall evolutionary history of life on earth. However, major questions about the diversity, ecology, and evolutionary history of protists remain unanswered, notably because data obtained from natural protist communities, especially of heterotrophic species, remain limited. In this review, we discuss the challenges associated with “field protistology”, defined here as the exploration, characterization, and interpretation of microbial eukaryotic suggestions to help fill this important gap in knowledge. We also argue that increased efforts in field studies that combine molecular and microscopical methods offer the most promising path toward (1) the discovery of new lineages that expand the tree of eukaryotes; (2) the recognition of novel evolutionary patterns and processes; (3) the untangling of ecological interactions and functions, and their roles in larger ecosystem processes; and (4) the evaluation of protist adaptations to a changing climate.
  • Article
    Genetic tool development in marine protists: emerging model organisms for experimental cell biology
    (Nature Research, 2020-04-06) Faktorová, Drahomíra ; Nisbet, R. Ellen R. ; Fernández Robledo, José A. ; Casacuberta, Elena ; Sudek, Lisa ; Allen, Andrew E. ; Ares, Manuel, Jr. ; Aresté, Cristina ; Balestreri, Cecilia ; Barbrook, Adrian C. ; Beardslee, Patrick ; Bender, Sara J. ; Booth, David S. ; Bouget, François-Yves ; Bowler, Chris ; Breglia, Susana A. ; Brownlee, Colin ; Burger, Gertraud ; Cerutti, Heriberto ; Cesaroni, Rachele ; Chiurillo, Miguel A. ; Clemente, Thomas ; Coles, Duncan B. ; Collier, Jackie L. ; Cooney, Elizabeth C. ; Coyne, Kathryn J. ; Docampo, Roberto ; Dupont, Christopher L. ; Edgcomb, Virginia P. ; Einarsso, Elin ; Elustondo, Pía A. ; Federici, Fernan ; Freire-Beneitez, Veronica ; Freyria, Nastasia J. ; Fukuda, Kodai ; García, Paulo A. ; Girguis, Peter R. ; Gomaa, Fatma ; Gornik, Sebastian G. ; Guo, Jian ; Hampl, Vladimír ; Hanawa, Yutaka ; Haro-Contreras, Esteban R. ; Hehenberger, Elisabeth ; Highfield, Andrea ; Hirakawa, Yoshihisa ; Hopes, Amanda ; Howe, Christopher J. ; Hu, Ian ; Ibañez, Jorge ; Irwin, Nicholas A. T. ; Ishii, Yuu ; Janowicz, Natalia Ewa ; Jones, Adam C. ; Kachale, Ambar ; Fujimura-Kamada, Konomi ; Kaur, Binnypreet ; Kaye, Jonathan Z. ; Kazana, Eleanna ; Keeling, Patrick J. ; King, Nicole ; Klobutcher, Lawrence A. ; Lander, Noelia ; Lassadi, Imen ; Li, Zhuhong ; Lin, Senjie ; Lozano, Jean-Claude ; Luan, Fulei ; Maruyama, Shinichiro ; Matute, Tamara ; Miceli, Cristina ; Minagawa, Jun ; Moosburner, Mark ; Najle, Sebastián R. ; Nanjappa, Deepak ; Nimmo, Isabel C. ; Noble, Luke ; Novák Vanclová, Anna M. G. ; Nowacki, Mariusz ; Nuñez, Isaac ; Pain, Arnab ; Piersanti, Angela ; Pucciarelli, Sandra ; Pyrih, Jan ; Rest, Joshua S. ; Rius, Mariana ; Robertson, Deborah ; Ruaud, Albane ; Ruiz-Trillo, Iñaki ; Sigg, Monika A. ; Silver, Pamela A. ; Slamovits, Claudio H. ; Smith, G. Jason ; Sprecher, Brittany N. ; Stern, Rowena ; Swart, Estienne C. ; Tsaousis, Anastasios D. ; Tsypin, Lev ; Turkewitz, Aaron ; Turnšek, Jernej ; Valach, Matus ; Vergé, Valérie ; von Dassow, Peter ; von der Haar, Tobias ; Waller, Ross F. ; Wang, Lu ; Wen, Xiaoxue ; Wheeler, Glen L. ; Woods, April ; Zhang, Huan ; Mock, Thomas ; Worden, Alexandra Z. ; Lukes, Julius
    Diverse microbial ecosystems underpin life in the sea. Among these microbes are many unicellular eukaryotes that span the diversity of the eukaryotic tree of life. However, genetic tractability has been limited to a few species, which do not represent eukaryotic diversity or environmentally relevant taxa. Here, we report on the development of genetic tools in a range of protists primarily from marine environments. We present evidence for foreign DNA delivery and expression in 13 species never before transformed and for advancement of tools for eight other species, as well as potential reasons for why transformation of yet another 17 species tested was not achieved. Our resource in genetic manipulation will provide insights into the ancestral eukaryotic lifeforms, general eukaryote cell biology, protein diversification and the evolution of cellular pathways.