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    Contributions of photosynthetic organs to the seed yield of hybrid rice: The effects of gibberellin application examined by carbon isotope technology
    (Zheng et al., 2018-12-01) Zheng, Huabin ; Wang, Xiaomin ; Li, Yunxia ; Huang, Zhanwen ; Tang, Qiyuan ; Tang, Jianwu
    Changes in the structure and quality of a hybrid combination population have been observed after the application of gibberellins. Such changes would affect the accumulation and distribution of photosynthetic products, which would subsequently affect the yield during hybrid rice seed production. In this study, photosynthetic physiological characteristics and the distribution of photosynthetic products were evaluated in a field experiment. The transport of panicle photosynthetic products to grain was demonstrated using a 14C isotope tracer technique.The contribution ratios of the panicle and leaf to yield in the hybrid rice seed production were 32.3 and 42.1%, respectively. Through isotope tracing technology, it was determined that about 90% of the photosynthetic products of the panicle and 50% of those of the leaf were delivered to the panicle. During the filling period, the contribution of panicle to yield was concentrated in the early period (0–10 days after pollination), and the contribution of leaf to yield was more significant in the late period (10 days after pollination to maturity). These results suggest that the panicle makes an important photosynthetic contribution (equivalent to that of the flag leaf) during the process of grain filling, especially at 0–5 days after the heading stage.