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  • Technical Report
    US/PRC CTD intercalibration report 1986-1990
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1990-12) Millard, Robert C. ; Lake, B. J. ; Brown, Neil L. ; Toole, John M. ; Schaaf, D. ; Yang, K. ; Yu, H. ; Zhao, L.
    A series of laboratory intercalibrations of a CTD system were undertaken between 1986 and 1990 as part of cooperative research program between the United States (US) and People's Republic of China (PRC). A comparison of US and PRC calibration facility standards is carried out using a NBIS/EG&G Marine Instruments Mark IIIb CTD system as a "quasi-transfer standard." When compared with the quoted accuracy of the calibration facilities, pressure was found to be more accurate and temperatue was about as accurate as stated. The conductivity standard differences between facilities are difficult to assess because of the CTD conductivity sensor drift.