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    Radiocarbon investigation of the pedunculate oak of Botosana, Romania
    (Studia Chemia, 2018) Patrut, Adrian ; Robu, Nicolae ; Savu, Vasile ; Patrut, Roxana T. ; Rakosky, Laszlo ; Ratiu, Ileana-Andreea ; Lowy, Daniel A. ; Margineanu, Dragos ; von Reden, Karl F.
    The article discloses the AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry) radiocarbon dating results of the pedunculate oak of Botoşana. Four wood samples were extracted from its trunk. Five segments extracted from these samples were analyzed by AMS radiocarbon. Their radiocarbon dates were found to be between 161 ± 21 BP and 260 ± 20 BP. These values correspond to calibrated ages of 235 – 365 years. The dating results extrapolated to the geometric center of the trunk indicate an age of 645 ± 50 years for the oak of Botoşana.