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  • Working Paper
    Satellite images of warm core ring 82-B sea surface temperature and a chronological record of major physical events affecting ring structure
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1984-01) Evans, Robert H. ; Baker, Karen S. ; Brown, O. ; Smith, Raymond C. ; Hooker, Stanford B. ; Olson, Donald B. ; Warm Core Rings Program Service Office
    A chronology constructed from satellite-derived thermal imagery is presented to describe the formation and life history of warm-core ring 82-B. A comparison is made with warm-core ring 81-F in order to illustrate similarities that may be common to warm-core rings that traverse the region of the Slope Water occupied by 82-B. Particular attention is paid to discrete events identified from analysis of changes in the surface thermal field. Significant events include interactions between the ring and the Gulf Stream, warm (Gulf Stream) and cold (shelf) streamers and interaction with other vortices. The events are documented by following changes in ring size, shape, translation, and surface thermal structure. Observations determined from the infrared satellite imagery are supported by hydrography, acoustic velocity profiling and drifter trajectories.
  • Technical Report
    Bio-physical models of oceanic population dynamics : 1994 summer study program in geophysical fluid dynamics
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1997-11) Flierl, Glenn R. ; Olson, Donald B.
    Bio-Physical Models of Oceanic Population Dynamics was the central theme of the 1994 summer program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This unusual topic brought together mathematical population biologists and geophysical fluid dynamicists and provided a new synthesis of ideas and methods for coupling these two broad and diverse fields. Lectures and seminars given by staff and visitors addressed the nature of physical controls on free-drafting or active swimming organisms in the oceans, the biological responses of marine populations to their physical environment and their own internal states, and the dynamics of coupled biophysical processes on marine populations. This volume includes write-ups of the principal lectures, abstracts of some seminars, and the reports of the fellows' research projects.
  • Working Paper
    A bibliography of physical, chemical, and biological studies of rings in the world's oceans
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1983) Olson, Donald B. ; Wiebe, Peter H.
    This bibliography marks the end of several years of sporadic attempts to put together a set of references on rings. The scope of the effort encompasses the chemistry, biology, and physics of the long-lived, coherent features which are commonly referred to as rings after Fuglister (1972). There is a vast literature on the mesoscale eddy field in different parts of the world. The present set of references includes a subset of this body of work. The basic criterion used in the compilation of this bibliography is fairly narrow compared to the range of eddies found in the world's oceans. The emphasis here is on the highly nonlinear features formed due to the instability processes in boundary currents and in the planetary scale jet which surrounds the Antarctic. The nomenclature "ring", refers to the strong encircling current which forms a kinematic trap in which the core of the ring is embedded.