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  • Technical Report
    Hudson '70 : gravity observations 62.9S̊ - 57.5N̊ along 150W̊
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1971-11) Von Arx, William S. ; Bowen, D. C. ; Dean, Jerome P. ; Harworth, R. T.
    To provide geoidal topography over the world oceans, a radar altimeter carried by earth satellite is planned. Ground truth calibration will be provided by a grid comprised of the equatorial belt and meridional traverses along the 30°W and 150°W meridians. Ground truth topography is derived from gravity values measured along these traverses. This report presents the free air gravity values and the computed free air anomalies obtained from 62.9°S to 57.5°N along the 150°W meridian.