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    Paleochannel and beach-bar palimpsest topography as initial substrate for coralligenous buildups offshore Venice, Italy
    (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-05-02) Tosi, Luigi ; Zecchin, Massimo ; Franchi, Fulvio ; Bergamasco, Andrea ; Da Lio, Cristina ; Baradello, Luca ; Mazzoli, Claudio ; Montagna, Paolo ; Taviani, Marco ; Tagliapietra, Davide ; Carol, Eleonora ; Franceschini, Gianluca ; Giovanardi, Otello ; Donnici, Sandra
    We provide a model for the genesis of Holocene coralligenous buildups occurring in the northwestern Adriatic Sea offshore Venice at 17–24 m depth. High-resolution geophysical surveys and underwater SCUBA diving reconnaissance revealed meandering shaped morphologies underneath bio-concretionned rocky buildups. These morphologies are inferred to have been inherited from Pleistocene fluvial systems reactivated as tidal channels during the post- Last Glacial Maximum transgression, when the study area was a lagoon protected by a sandy barrier. The lithification of the sandy fossil channel-levee systems is estimated to have occurred at ca. 7 cal. ka BP, likely due to the interaction between marine and less saline fluids related to onshore freshwater discharge at sea through a sealed water-table. The carbonate-cemented sandy layers served as nucleus for subsequent coralligenous buildups growth.