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  • Thesis
    Forward scattering of a pulsed continuous wave signal through laminar and turbulent thermal plumes
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1993-09) Bowen, Stephen G.
    The results of an experiment examining the forward propagation or an acoustic signal through a buoyant plume are discussed. Two distinct testing sights were used. One made use of a small fresh water tank in NUWC to provide a controlled plume. The other used a larger salt water tank at WHOI to create a more realistic oceanic model. Using the Born and Rytov approximations, an estimation of the effects of the laminar plume on the propagated signal are shown. As the plume moves from laminar to turbu lent, the scintillation index and the Fourier transform of the magnitude square response provide insight into the nature of the transition. Finally, from the turbulent response a model for the scattering function is developed.