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Complete genome of Nitrosospira briensis C-128, an ammonia-oxidizing bacterium from agricultural soil

2016-07-28 , Rice, Marlen C. , Norton, Jeanette M. , Valois, Frederica , Bollmann, Annette , Bottomley, Peter , Klotz, Martin G. , Laanbroek, Hendrikus , Suwa, Yuichi , Stein, Lisa Y. , Sayavedra-Soto, Luis , Woyke, Tanja , Shapiro, Nicole , Goodwin, Lynne A. , Huntemann, Marcel , Clum, Alicia , Pillay, Manoj , Kyrpides, Nikos C. , Varghese, Neha , Mikhailova, Natalia , Markowitz, Victor , Palaniappan, Krishna , Ivanova, Natalia N. , Stamatis, Dimitrios , Reddy, T. B. K. , Ngan, Chew Yee , Daum, Chris

Nitrosospira briensis C-128 is an ammonia-oxidizing bacterium isolated from an acid agricultural soil. N. briensis C-128 was sequenced with PacBio RS technologies at the DOE-Joint Genome Institute through their Community Science Program (2010). The high-quality finished genome contains one chromosome of 3.21 Mb and no plasmids. We identified 3073 gene models, 3018 of which are protein coding. The two-way average nucleotide identity between the chromosomes of Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 and Nitrosospira briensis C-128 was found to be 77.2 %. Multiple copies of modules encoding chemolithotrophic metabolism were identified in their genomic context. The gene inventory supports chemolithotrophic metabolism with implications for function in soil environments.

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Complete genome sequences of two phylogenetically distinct Nitrospina strains isolated from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

2022-05-02 , Bayer, Barbara , Kellom, Matthew , Valois, Frederica , Waterbury, John B. , Santoro, Alyson E.

The complete genome sequences of two chemoautotrophic nitrite-oxidizing bacteria of the genus Nitrospina are reported. Nitrospina gracilis strain Nb-211 was isolated from the Atlantic Ocean, and Nitrospina sp. strain Nb-3 was isolated from the Pacific Ocean. We report two highly similar ~3.07-Mbp genome sequences that differ by the presence of ferric iron chelator (siderophore) biosynthesis genes.