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    Workshops That Work
    ( 2020-01-17) Shaw, Joyce M. ; Zelner, Tisha ; Stanfield, Jamie ; Easterday, Justin
    Offering meaningful library workshops that educate and promote academic success is an ongoing challenge. From basic library instruction for undergraduates to immersion seminars with an emphasis on skills for graduate students and early career scientists, three libraries work together to present informal educational opportunities that address specific needs at three very different campuses of The University of Southern Mississippi (USM). The Gunter Library at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory campus focuses on skills needed by graduate students and early career scientists. Cook Library at the main campus in Hattiesburg emphasizes undergraduate instruction and faculty professional development. The Gulf Coast Library at Gulf Park in Long Beach partners with the Academic Success Center to serve a constituency of non-traditional students at a commuter campus. This presentation looks at how these different approaches work to provide instruction and support for academic success at each site.