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    PERFORM: a metric for evaluating autonomous system performance in marine testbed environments using interval type-2 fuzzy logic
    (MDPI, 2021-12-15) Dalpe, Allisa J. ; Thein, May-Win L. ; Renken, Martin
    Trust and confidence in autonomous behavior is required to send autonomous vehicles into operational missions. The authors introduce the Performance Evaluation and Review Framework Of Robotic Missions (PERFORM), a framework to enable a rigorous and replicable autonomy test environment, thereby filling the void between that of merely simulating autonomy and that of completing true field missions. A generic architecture for defining the missions under test is proposed and a unique Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic approach is used as the foundation for the mathematically rigorous autonomy evaluation framework. The test environment is designed to aid in (1) new technology development (i.e., providing direct comparisons and quantitative evaluations between autonomy algorithms), (2) the validation of the performance of specific autonomous platforms, and (3) the selection of the appropriate robotic platform(s) for a given mission type (e.g., for surveying, surveillance, search and rescue). Three case studies are presented to apply the metric to various test scenarios. Results demonstrate the flexibility of the technique with the ability to tailor tests to the user’s design requirements accounting for different priorities related to acceptable risks and goals of a given mission