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  • Technical Report
    A trans-Indian Ocean hydrographic section at latitude 32°South : data report of RRS Charles Darwin cruise #29
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992-01) Cook, Margaret F. ; Toole, John M. ; Knapp, George P. ; Fine, Rana A. ; Top, Zafer ; Jennings, Joe C.
    A trans-Indian Ocean hydrographic section employing CTD/O2 profilers was conducted between Africa and Australia during austral spring 1987. The cruise track ranged between 29°S and 34°S; the average latitude of the crossing was 32°S. The purpose of the cruise was to explore various aspects of the South Indian Ocean including the characteristics of the core water masses of this ocean, the strength of the subtropical gyre, the structure and transport of deep western-boundary currents, and the net meridional heat flux. A total of 109 CTD/O2 profiles with associated rosette water sample measurements and 347 XBT profiles were collected, supplemented by underway upper ocean velocity, bathymetric and sea surface temperature and salinity data. This report detals the data collection, calibration, and reduction methods, and summarizes the hydrographic observations.