Melville HYDR09MV

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Departure date
Departure port
Miami, Florida
Arrival Date
Arrival Port
Miami, Florida
Spatial coverage
Cruise Name
HYDROS Expedition, Leg 9
Cruise ID
Vessel Name
Chief scientist
Spiess, Fred

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  • Working Paper
    Bottom array specifications for the low frequency acoustic seismic experiment (LFASE)
    (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1991-10) Bocconcelli, Alessandro ; Berteaux, Henri O. ; Stephen, Ralph A. ; Spiess, Fred ; Spiess, Fred ; Craig, Harmon ; Spiess, Fred
    The Low Frequency Acoustic Seismic Experiment (LFASE) was conducted to measure sound propagation and ambient noise above, at and below the sea floor. To this end an array consisting of four geophone nodes was introduced into a DSDP borehole. These seismic sensors were clamped inside the borehole at various depths below the ocean floor. The geophone array was connected by an electromechanical cable to a bottom reentry structure (BCU frame) housing the Data Recording Unit (DRU), the Data Telemetry Unit (DTU), the Bottom Control Unit (BCU) and the power supply.