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    • ASPIRE : the Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition 

      Yager, Patricia L.; Sherrell, Robert M.; Stammerjohn, Sharon E.; Alderkamp, Anne-Carlijn; Schofield, Oscar M. E.; Abrahamsen, E. Povl; Arrigo, Kevin R.; Bertilsson, Stefan; Garay, D. Lollie; Guerrero, Raul; Lowry, Kate E.; Moksnes, Per-Olav; Ndungu, Kuria; Post, Anton F.; Randall-Goodwin, Evan; Riemann, Lasse; Severmann, Silke; Thatje, Sven; van Dijken, Gert L.; Wilson, Stephanie (The Oceanography Society, 2012-09)
      In search of an explanation for some of the greenest waters ever seen in coastal Antarctica and their possible link to some of the fastest melting glaciers and declining summer sea ice, the Amundsen Sea Polynya International ...
    • Phaeocystis antarctica blooms strongly influence bacterial community structures in the Amundsen Sea polynya 

      Delmont, Tom O.; Hammar, Katherine M.; Ducklow, Hugh W.; Yager, Patricia L.; Post, Anton F. (Frontiers Media, 2014-12-19)
      Rising temperatures and changing winds drive the expansion of the highly productive polynyas (open water areas surrounded by sea ice) abutting the Antarctic continent. Phytoplankton blooms in polynyas are often dominated ...