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    • Centennial changes of the global water cycle in CMIP5 models 

      Levang, Samuel J.; Schmitt, Raymond W. (American Meteorological Society, 2015-08-15)
      The global water cycle is predicted to intensify under various greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. Here the nature and strength of the expected changes for the ocean in the coming century are assessed by examining the ...
    • Estimation of groundwater and nutrient fluxes to the Neuse River estuary, North Carolina 

      Spruill, Timothy B.; Bratton, John F. (2008-01-12)
      A study was conducted between April 2004 and September 2005 to estimate ground-water and nutrient discharge to the Neuse River estuary in North Carolina. Largest ground-water fluxes were observed to occur generally within ...
    • The observed state of the water cycle in the early twenty-first century 

      Rodell, Matthew; Beaudoing, Hiroko K.; L’Ecuyer, Tristan S.; Olson, William S.; Famiglietti, James S.; Houser, Paul R.; Adler, Robert; Bosilovich, Michael G.; Clayson, Carol A.; Chambers, Don P.; Clark, Edward A.; Fetzer, Eric J.; Gao, X.; Gu, Guojun; Hilburn, K. A.; Huffman, George J.; Lettenmaier, Dennis P.; Liu, W. Timothy; Robertson, F. R.; Schlosser, C. A.; Sheffield, Justin; Wood, E. F. (American Meteorological Society, 2015-11-01)
      This study quantifies mean annual and monthly fluxes of Earth’s water cycle over continents and ocean basins during the first decade of the millennium. To the extent possible, the flux estimates are based on satellite ...