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    • Global economic effects of changes in crops, pasture, and forests due to changing climate, carbon dioxide, and ozone 

      Reilly, John M.; Paltsev, S.; Felzer, Benjamin S.; Wang, X.; Kicklighter, David W.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Prinn, Ronald G.; Sarofim, Marcus C.; Sokolov, Andrei P.; Wang, C. (2006-01)
      Multiple environmental changes will have consequences for global vegetation. To the extent that crop yields and pasture and forest productivity are affected there can be important economic consequences. We examine the ...
    • Impacts of ozone on trees and crops 

      Felzer, Benjamin S.; Cronin, Timothy W.; Reilly, John M.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Wang, Xiaodong (2007-07-05)
      In this review article, we explore how surface-level ozone affects trees and crops with special emphasis on consequences for productivity and carbon sequestration. Vegetation exposure to ozone reduces photosynthesis, ...
    • Mean and turbulent velocity fields near rigid and flexible plants and the implications for deposition 

      Ortiz, Alejandra C.; Ashton, Andrew D.; Nepf, Heidi M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-12-24)
      The transport of fine sediment and organic matter plays an important role in the nutrient dynamics of shallow aquatic systems, and the fate of these particles is closely linked to vegetation. We describe the mean and ...