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  • Augmin : a protein complex required for centrosome-independent microtubule generation within the spindle 

    Goshima, Gohta; Mayer, Mirjam; Zhang, Nan; Stuurman, Nico; Vale, Ronald D. (Rockefeller University Press, 2008-04-28)
    Since the discovery of γ-tubulin, attention has focused on its involvement as a microtubule nucleator at the centrosome. However, mislocalization of {gamma}-tubulin away from the centrosome does not inhibit mitotic spindle ...
  • Dynamics of myosin, microtubules, and Kinesin-6 at the cortex during cytokinesis in Drosophila S2 cells 

    Vale, Ronald D.; Spudich, James A.; Griffis, Eric R. (Rockefeller University Press, 2009-08)
    Signals from the mitotic spindle during anaphase specify the location of the actomyosin contractile ring during cytokinesis, but the detailed mechanism remains unresolved. Here, we have imaged the dynamics of green fluorescent ...
  • Length control of the metaphase spindle 

    Goshima, Gohta; Wollman, Roy; Stuurman, Nico; Scholey, Jonathan M.; Vale, Ronald D. (2005-09-30)
    The pole-to-pole distance of the metaphase spindle is reasonably constant in a given cell type; in the case of vertebrate female oocytes, this steady state length can be maintained for substantial lengths of time, during ...