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    • Clustering of a kinesin-14 motor enables processive retrograde microtubule-based transport in plants 

      Jonsson, Erik; Yamada, Moe; Vale, Ronald D.; Goshima, Gohta (2015-05)
      The molecular motors kinesin and dynein drive bidirectional motility along microtubules (MTs) in most eukaryotic cells1,2. Land plants, however, are a notable exception, since they contain a large number of kinesins but ...
    • Length control of the metaphase spindle 

      Goshima, Gohta; Wollman, Roy; Stuurman, Nico; Scholey, Jonathan M.; Vale, Ronald D. (2005-09-30)
      The pole-to-pole distance of the metaphase spindle is reasonably constant in a given cell type; in the case of vertebrate female oocytes, this steady state length can be maintained for substantial lengths of time, during ...