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  • FASINEX (Frontal Air-Sea Interaction Experiment) moored instrumentation 

    Trask, Richard P.; Dean, Jerome P.; Valdes, James R.; Marquette, Craig D. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1989-02)
    In 1986, FASINEX, a Frontal Air-Sea Interaction Experiment, a multi-investigator cooperative experiment, was conducted to study the role of horizontal variability in air-sea interaction in the persistent front formed ...
  • An FSK telemetry module for vector measuring current meters 

    Fucile, Paul D.; Valdes, James R. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1987-12)
    The EG&G Vector Measuring Current Meter (VMCM) used in mooring work provides a 20 ma Serial ASCII Instrumentation Loop (SAIL) communication system. A projected application of the VMCM is to have a surface mooring ...
  • Gulf Stream recirculation experiment - Part II 

    Wooding, Christine M.; Owens, W. Brechner; Zemanovic, Marguerite E.; Valdes, James R. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1989-09)
    This report presents trajectories and time series of velocity, pressure, and temperature for twelve neutrally-buoyant floats launched during the Gulf Stream Recirculation EXperiment (GUSREX) and two from earlier experiments, ...
  • Revisiting carbon flux through the ocean's twilight zone 

    Buesseler, Ken O.; Lamborg, Carl H.; Boyd, Philip W.; Lam, Phoebe J.; Trull, Thomas W.; Bidigare, Robert R.; Bishop, James K. B.; Casciotti, Karen L.; Dehairs, Frank; Elskens, Marc; Honda, Makio C.; Karl, David M.; Siegel, David A.; Silver, Mary W.; Steinberg, Deborah K.; Valdes, James R.; Van Mooy, Benjamin A. S.; Wilson, Stephanie E. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007-04-27)
  • Site L SOFAR float experiment, 1982-1985 

    Price, James F.; McKee, Theresa K.; Owens, W. Brechner; Valdes, James R. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1987-12)
    Lagrangian measurements of low frequency currents in the vicinity of the Gulf Stream and its recirculation region in the western Sargasso Sea were made by tracking SOFAR floats. These floats were tracked using acoustic ...
  • SOFAR float Mediterranean outflow experiment data from the second year, 1985-86 

    Zemanovic, Marguerite E.; Richardson, Philip L.; Valdes, James R.; Price, James F.; Armi, Laurence (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1988-09)
    In October, 1984, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution SOFAR float group began a three-year-long field program to observe the low frequency currents in the Canary Basin. The principal scientific goal was to learn how ...
  • Status report on MicroSat data telemtery 

    Valdes, James R. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 1992-06)
    The intent of this project was to test and evaluate a new data collection concept; that of utilizing a "store and forward" message system in a low earth orbiting satellite, and to determine its suitabilty for oceanographic ...