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  • Brothers, Daniel S.; Harding, Alistair J.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Antonio; Holbrook, W. Steven; Kent, Graham M.; Driscoll, Neal W.; Fletcher, John M.; Lizarralde, Daniel; Umhoefer, Paul J.; Axen, Gary J. (American Geophysical Union, 2012-05-08)
    Subduction of the Farallon plate beneath northwestern Mexico stalled by ~12 Ma when the Pacific-Farallon spreading-ridge approached the subduction zone. Coupling between remnant slab and the overriding North American plate ...
  • Paramo, Pedro; Holbrook, W. Steven; Brown, Hillary E.; Lizarralde, Daniel; Fletcher, John M.; Umhoefer, Paul J.; Kent, Graham M.; Harding, Alistair J.; Gonzalez, A.; Axen, Gary J. (American Geophysical Union, 2008-03-15)
    Multichannel reflection and coincident wide-angle seismic data collected during the 2002 Premier Experiment, Sea of Cortez, Addressing the Development of Oblique Rifting (PESCADOR) experiment provide the most detailed ...
  • Lizarralde, Daniel; Axen, Gary J.; Brown, Hillary E.; Fletcher, John M.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Antonio; Harding, Alistair J.; Holbrook, W. Steven; Kent, Graham M.; Paramo, Pedro; Sutherland, Fiona; Umhoefer, Paul J. (2007-06-18)
    The rifting of continental lithosphere is a fundamental solid-earth process that leads to the formation of rifted continental margins and ocean basins. Understanding of this process comes from observations of the geometry ...

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