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  • Scheltema, Amelie H. (National Shellfisheries Association, 2008-03)
    Species of the neomenioid aplacophoran genus Helicoradomenia Scheltema & Kuzirian are found only in areas of hydrothermal vents, oceanic ridges, and back-arc basins and have been collected widely in the East Pacific, ...
  • Wheeler, Q. D.; Knapp, Sandra; Stevenson, D. W.; Stevenson, J.; Blum, Stan D.; Boom, B.. M.; Borisy, Gary G.; Buizer, J. L.; De Carvalho, M. R.; Cibrian, A.; Donoghue, M. J.; Doyle, V.; Gerson, E. M.; Graham, C. H.; Graves, P.; Graves, Sara J.; Guralnick, Robert P.; Hamilton, A. L.; Hanken, J.; Law, W.; Lipscomb, D. L.; Lovejoy, T. E.; Miller, Holly; Miller, J. S.; Naeem, S.; Novacek, M. J.; Page, L. M.; Platnick, N. I.; Porter-Morgan, H.; Raven, P. H.; Solis, M. A.; Valdecasas, A. G.; Van Der Leeuw, S.; Vasco, A.; Vermeulen, N.; Vogel, J.; Walls, R. L.; Wilson, E. O.; Woolley, J. B. (Taylor & Francis, 2012-03-27)
    The time is ripe for a comprehensive mission to explore and document Earth's species. This calls for a campaign to educate and inspire the next generation of professional and citizen species explorers, investments in ...
  • Scheltema, Amelie H.; Ivanov, Dmitry L. (2008-11-10)
    Previously published studies are woven together into a natural history of a deep-sea aplacophoran mollusc species, Prochaetoderma yongei Scheltema, 1985, and its confamilial species in the Prochaetodermatidae. This ...
  • Solow, Andrew R.; Smith, Woollcott K. (Royal Society, 2005-02-04)
    A common approach to estimating the number of species in a taxonomic or other group is to extrapolate the temporal pattern of historical species discoveries or descriptions. A formal statistical approach to this problem ...
  • Patterson, David J.; Remsen, David P.; Marino, William A.; Norton, Cathy N. (Taylor & Francis, 2006-06)
    Taxonomic indexing refers to a new array of taxonomically intelligent network services that use nomenclatural principles and elements of expert taxonomic knowledge to manage information about organisms. Taxonomic indexing ...
  • Boyle, Brad; Hopkins, Nicole; Lu, Zhenyuan; Garay, Juan Antonio Raygoza; Mozzherin, Dmitry; Rees, Tony; Matasci, Naim; Narro, Martha L.; Piel, William H.; Mckay, Sheldon J.; Lowry, Sonya; Freeland, Chris; Peet, Robert K.; Enquist, Brian J. (BioMed Central, 2013-01-16)
    The digitization of biodiversity data is leading to the widespread application of taxon names that are superfluous, ambiguous or incorrect, resulting in mismatched records and inflated species numbers. The ultimate ...

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