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  • Marshall, John C.; Ferrari, Raffaele; Forget, G.; Maze, G.; Andersson, A.; Bates, Nicholas R.; Dewar, William K.; Doney, Scott C.; Fratantoni, David M.; Joyce, Terrence M.; Straneo, Fiamma; Toole, John M.; Weller, Robert A.; Edson, James B.; Gregg, M. C.; Kelly, Kathryn A.; Lozier, M. Susan; Palter, Jaime B.; Lumpkin, Rick; Samelson, R.; Skyllingstad, E.; Silverthorne, Katherine E.; Talley, Lynne D.; Thomas, Leif N. (American Meteorological Society, 2009-09)
    A major oceanographic field experiment is described, which is designed to observe, quantify, and understand the creation and dispersal of weakly stratified fluid known as “mode water” in the region of the Gulf Stream. ...
  • Holte, James W.; Talley, Lynne D.; Chereskin, Teresa K.; Sloyan, Bernadette M. (American Geophysical Union, 2012-03-29)
    Two hydrographic surveys and a one-dimensional mixed layer model are used to assess the role of air-sea fluxes in forming deep Subantarctic Mode Water (SAMW) mixed layers in the southeast Pacific Ocean. Forty-two SAMW mixed ...
  • Holte, James W.; Talley, Lynne D.; Chereskin, Teresa K.; Sloyan, Bernadette M. (John Wiley & Sons, 2013-04-23)
    This study considered cross-frontal exchange as a possible mechanism for the observed along-front freshening and cooling between the 27.0 and 27.3 kg m − 3 isopycnals north of the Subantarctic Front (SAF) in the southeast ...
  • Macdonald, Alison M.; Mecking, Sabine; Toole, John M.; Robbins, Paul E.; Johnson, Gregory C.; Wijffels, Susan E.; Talley, Lynne D.; Cook, Margaret F. (2009-08-17)
    To address questions concerning the intensity and spatial structure of the 3–dimensional circulation within the Pacific Ocean and the associated advective and diffusive property flux divergences, data from approximately ...

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