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    • A comparison of filtration rates among pelagic tunicates using kinematic measurements 

      Sutherland, Kelly R.; Madin, Laurence P. (2009-11)
      Salps have higher filtration rates than most other holoplankton, and are capable of packaging and exporting primary production from surface waters. A method of kinematic analysis was employed to accurately measure salp ...
    • JeDI: Jellyfish Database Initiative 

      Condon, Robert H.; Lucas, Cathy H.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Pitt, Kylie A.; Haddock, Steven H. D.; Madin, Laurence P.; Brodeur, Richard D.; Sutherland, Kelly R.; Mianzan, Hermes W.; Purcell, Jennifer E.; Decker, Mary Beth; Uye, Shin-Ichi; Malej, Alenka; Bogeberg, Molly; Everett, John T.; Gibbons, Mark; Gonzalez, H.; Hay, S.; Hensche, N.; Hobson, R. J.; Kingsford, Michael J.; Kremer, P.; Lehtiniemi, Maiju; Ohman, Mark; Rissik, D.; Sheard, K.; Suthers, Iain; Coleman, N.; Costello, John H.; Gershwin, L. A.; Graham, William M.; Robinson, Kelly L.; Richardson, T. M.; Giesecke, R.; Gorsky, Gabriel; Greve, Wulf; Halsband-Lenk, C.; Hays, Graeme; Hobson, V.; Klein, David; Lebrato, Mario; Loveridge, Jan; Martens, P.; Milos, C.; Perry, G.; Stemmann, L.; Sullivan, Barbara; Walker, T.; Schildhauer, Mark; Regetz, J. (Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO). Contact:, 2015-03-09)
      The Jellyfish Database Initiative (JeDI) is a scientifically-coordinated global database dedicated to gelatinous zooplankton (members of the Cnidaria, Ctenophora and Thaliacea) and associated environmental data. The database ...
    • Questioning the rise of gelatinous zooplankton in the world's oceans 

      Condon, Robert H.; Graham, William M.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Pitt, Kylie A.; Lucas, Cathy H.; Haddock, Steven H. D.; Sutherland, Kelly R.; Robinson, Kelly L.; Dawson, Michael N.; Decker, Mary Beth; Mills, Claudia E.; Purcell, Jennifer E.; Malej, Alenka; Mianzan, Hermes; Uye, Shin-Ichi; Gelcich, Stefan; Madin, Laurence P. (American Institute of Biological Sciences, 2012-02)
      During the past several decades, high numbers of gelatinous Zooplankton species have been reported in many estuarine and coastal ecosystems. Coupled with media-driven public perception, a paradigm has evolved in which the ...