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    • The protein that binds to DNA base J in trypanosomatids has features of a thymidine hydroxylase 

      Yu, Zhong; Genest, Paul-Andre; ter Riet, Bas; Sweeney, Kate; DiPaolo, Courtney; Kieft, Rudo; Christodoulou, Evangelos; Perrakis, Anastassis; Simmons, Jana M.; Hausinger, Robert P.; van Luenen, Henri G. A. M.; Rigden, Daniel J.; Sabatini, Robert; Borst, Piet (Oxford University Press, 2007-03-27)
      Trypanosomatids contain an unusual DNA base J (ß-D-glucosylhydroxymethyluracil), which replaces a fraction of thymine in telomeric and other DNA repeats. To determine the function of base J, we have searched for enzymes ...