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    • Acoustics and oceanographic observations collected during the QPE Experiment by Research Vessels OR1, OR2 and OR3 in the East China Sea in the Summer of 2009 

      Newhall, Arthur E.; Lynch, James F.; Gawarkiewicz, Glen G.; Duda, Timothy F.; McPhee, Neil M.; Bahr, Frank B.; Marquette, Craig D.; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Jan, Sen; Wang, Joe; Chen, Chi-Fang; Chiu, Linus Y. S.; Yang, Yiing-Jang; Wei, Ruey-Chang; Emerson, Chris; Morton, David; Abbot, Ted; Abbot, Philip A.; Calder, Brian; Mayer, Larry A.; Lermusiaux, Pierre F. J. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2010-08)
      This document describes data, sensors, and other useful information pertaining to the ONR sponsored QPE field program to quantify, predict and exploit uncertainty in observations and prediction of sound propagation. This ...