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  • Shah, Manthan R.; Alexander, Kenneth R.; Ripps, Harris; Qian, Haohua (2009-10)
    When the eye is stimulated by a flickering light, the electroretinogram (ERG) and other electrophysiological responses in the visual pathway often exhibit period doubling. This phenomenon is manifested as an alternation ...
  • Qian, Haohua; Alexander, Kenneth R.; Ripps, Harris (Elsevier B.V., 2010-10-23)
    Harmonic analysis was used to characterize the rabbit flicker ERG elicited by sinusoidally modulated full-field stimuli under light-adapted conditions. The frequency-response function for fundamental amplitude, derived ...
  • Chappell, Richard L.; Qian, Haohua; Zakevicius, Jane; Ripps, Harris (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2004-12)
    Zinc has been shown to modulate hemichannel currents of connexins Cx35 and Cx38 in Xenopus oocytes. In both cases the effects were biphasic; i.e., low concentrations of zinc enhanced, whereas higher concentrations decreased, ...
  • Qian, Haohua; Ripps, Harris (Hindawi Publishing, 2011)
    Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the most severe of the several ocular complications of diabetes, and in the United States it is the leading cause of blindness among adults 20 to 74 years of age. Despite recent advances in our ...
  • Qian, Haohua; Chappell, Richard L.; Redenti, Stephen; Ripps, Harris (Marine Biological Laboratory, 2004-12)
    Bipolar cells in the vertebrate retina are second-order neurons that convey visual information from photoreceptors to ganglion cells, the neurons that relay the message to the brain. Bipolar cells consist typically of ...

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