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  • Marshall, John C.; Ferrari, Raffaele; Forget, G.; Maze, G.; Andersson, A.; Bates, Nicholas R.; Dewar, William K.; Doney, Scott C.; Fratantoni, David M.; Joyce, Terrence M.; Straneo, Fiamma; Toole, John M.; Weller, Robert A.; Edson, James B.; Gregg, M. C.; Kelly, Kathryn A.; Lozier, M. Susan; Palter, Jaime B.; Lumpkin, Rick; Samelson, R.; Skyllingstad, E.; Silverthorne, Katherine E.; Talley, Lynne D.; Thomas, Leif N. (American Meteorological Society, 2009-09)
    A major oceanographic field experiment is described, which is designed to observe, quantify, and understand the creation and dispersal of weakly stratified fluid known as “mode water” in the region of the Gulf Stream. ...
  • Lund, John M.; Davis, Xujing Jia; Ramsey, Andree L.; Straneo, Fiamma; Torres, Daniel J.; Palter, Jaime B.; Gary, Stefan; Fratantoni, David M. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2013-03)
    Two years of temperature, salinity, current, and nutrient data were collected on four subsurface moorings as part of the 2 year field component of the CLIMODE experiment. The moorings were located in North Atlantic’s ...
  • Bigorre, Sebastien P.; Weller, Robert A.; Lord, Jeffrey; Lund, John M.; Palter, Jaime B.; Tupper, George H. (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2007-12)
    CLIMODE (CLIVAR Mode Water Dynamic Experiment) is a research program designed to understand and quantify the processes responsible for the formation and dissipation of North Atlantic subtropical mode water, also called ...
  • Palter, Jaime B.; Lozier, M. Susan; Lavender, Kara L. (American Meteorological Society, 2008-05)
    Labrador Sea Water (LSW), a dense water mass formed by convection in the subpolar North Atlantic, is an important constituent of the meridional overturning circulation. Understanding how the water mass enters the deep ...

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