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    • Protein phosphatase 2A plays a crucial role in Giardia lamblia differentiation 

      Lauwaet, Tineke; Davids, Barbara J.; Torres-Escobar, Ascencion; Birkeland, Shanda R.; Cipriano, Michael J.; Preheim, Sarah P.; Palm, Daniel; Svard, Staffan G.; McArthur, Andrew G.; Gillin, Frances D. (2006-12-06)
      The ability of Giardia lamblia to undergo two distinct differentiations in response to physiologic stimuli is central to its pathogenesis. The giardial cytoskeleton changes drastically during encystation and excystation. ...
    • Transcriptome analyses of the Giardia lamblia life cycle 

      Birkeland, Shanda R.; Preheim, Sarah P.; Davids, Barbara J.; Cipriano, Michael J.; Palm, Daniel; Reiner, David S.; Svard, Staffan G.; Gillin, Frances D.; McArthur, Andrew G. (2010-06-04)
      We quantified mRNA abundance from 10 stages in the Giardia lamblia life cycle in vitro using Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE). 163 abundant transcripts were expressed constitutively. 71 transcripts were upregulated ...