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  • Septin assemblies form by diffusion-driven annealing on membranes 

    Bridges, Andrew A.; Zhang, Huaiying; Mehta, Shalin B.; Occhipinti, Patricia; Tani, Tomomi; Gladfelter, Amy S. (2013-12)
    Septins assemble into filaments and higher-order structures that act as scaffolds for diverse cell functions including cytokinesis, cell polarity, and membrane remodeling. Despite their conserved role in cell organization, ...
  • Septin filaments exhibit a dynamic, paired organization that is conserved from yeast to mammals 

    DeMay, Bradley S.; Bai, Xiaobo; Howard, Louisa; Occhipinti, Patricia; Meseroll, Rebecca A.; Spiliotis, Elias T.; Oldenbourg, Rudolf; Gladfelter, Amy S. (Rockefeller University Press, 2011-06-13)
    The septins are conserved, GTP-binding proteins important for cytokinesis, membrane compartmentalization, and exocytosis. However, it is unknown how septins are arranged within higher-order structures in cells. To determine ...