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  • Magnetotelluric data, stable distributions and impropriety: an existential combination 

    Chave, Alan D. (Oxford University Press, 2014-05-30)
    The robust statistical model of a Gaussian core contaminated by outlying data that underlies robust estimation of the magnetotelluric (MT) response function has been re-examined. The residuals from robust estimators are ...
  • A note about Gaussian statistics on a sphere 

    Chave, Alan D. (Oxford University Press, 2015-07)
    The statistics of directional data on a sphere can be modelled either using the Fisher distribution that is conditioned on the magnitude being unity, in which case the sample space is confined to the unit sphere, or using ...
  • Timescales for the growth of sediment diapirs in subduction zones 

    Miller, Nathaniel C.; Behn, Mark D. (John Wiley & Sons, 2012-07-10)
    In this study, we calculate timescales for the growth of gravitational instabilities forming in the sediment layer on the downgoing slab at subduction zones. Subducted metasediments are buoyant with respect to the overlying ...