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    • Inverse estimates of the oceanic sources and sinks of natural CO2 and the implied oceanic carbon transport 

      Mikaloff Fletcher, Sara E.; Gruber, Nicolas; Jacobson, Andrew R.; Gloor, Emanuel; Doney, Scott C.; Dutkiewicz, Stephanie; Gerber, Markus; Follows, Michael J.; Joos, Fortunat; Lindsay, Keith; Menemenlis, Dimitris; Mouchet, Anne; Muller, Simon A.; Sarmiento, Jorge L. (American Geophysical Union, 2007-02-10)
      We use an inverse method to estimate the global-scale pattern of the air-sea flux of natural CO2, i.e., the component of the CO2 flux due to the natural carbon cycle that already existed in preindustrial times, on the basis ...